Transcript Automation Using AI Tools 😎

Boost your Output 500%

Whether it’s Zoom calls to talk strategy, leading live workshops, or streaming your screen as you learn in public, you spend a lot of time having to be “on”.

You’re great in the moment– ideas are flowing, inspiration strikes, you know just what to do next.

Then the camera turns off.

Your Brain is Drained.

You know that if you don’t force yourself to do a full review right away, by the time you get back to your notes you’ll find that they are vague reminders at best.

Before you know it, you have hours worth of recordings to wade through to try and find the most important information. Even for short recordings it's a grueling, error-prone process.

Maybe it’s not that big of a deal when the content you create is strictly for you, but when the recordings you have directly impacts a client or your job...

Subpar Process Leads to Subpar Output.

Transcription is a lifesaver in this line of work, but it’s not without issues.

Human transcription gets expensive quickly– it will cost you more than $150 an hour to get a transcript back the day you send it in.

With prices like that, applications for machine transcription become more attractive.

Unfortunately, these commercial solutions aren’t designed for you.

Transcription applications like Descript are more focused on editing source material for public consumption than they are on transcribing conversations. Besides, the transcription quality isn’t that great. Technical jargon like library names and acronyms trip up the system, and if a speaker has any trace of an accent, the transcript can look more like a random selection of words than a conversation.

But You’re a Developer!

You don’t have to rely on an application designed by someone else.

You can leverage open source, your existing programming knowledge, and dev-friendly tools that are cheaper than lunch.

You can customize a workflow that not only results in more accurate transcripts, but harnesses the power of the latest AI models to extract insights and help you to exponentially increase the reusability of the content you’re already creating.

Kick-Start Your Content Creation

Transcript Automation is the fastest, most efficient way to go from a recording to well-organized output that kick-starts your creation process.

Built around OpenAI’s automatic speech recognition system Whisper, a few state of the art language models, and the infinitely customizable automation app Script Kit, the Transcript Automation system brings a seismic shift to the way you approach knowledge work.

With an automated end-to-end process spanning pre-transcription media prep through processing transcript data with GPT models, your days of wading through hours of video trying to find important information are over.

Corrections and edits are minimized, and take a fraction of the time you’re used to. File management becomes a breeze. Creativity and creation are at an all-time high.

Don't let AI take your job. Make it make you better.

Save time. Create better content. Use robots.

Descript is so April 2022.

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